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Eclectus Parrot

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Blue Throated Macaw
Military Macaw
Red Fronted Macaw
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Scarlet Macaw
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Hyacinth Macaw

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May 26, 2024 Products in stock and shipping promplty. Subscribe to All Parrots

Medium NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree

Medium NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree

The ultimate perch-paradise for your parrot! The Deluxe Medium NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree is a complete parrot perching experience. This luxurious bird tree is unique in that it allows you to customize it to your parrot's needs and preferences!

The best part of the NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree is that it is entirely made of Parrot Wizard's patented NU Perches®! The most comfortable, non-slip, contoured, varied, safe perches now come in a whole tree for your parrot to enjoy. Use NU Perches® for every part of your parrot's lifestyle: in the cage, training perch, window perch, tabletop perch, or scale! The parrot will recognize the perches and know that a comfortable bird-approved place awaits!

Assembly is super easy and no tools are required. Twist the trunk into the base, the tree canopy into the trunk, and finally twist the perches into the slots in the canopy and trunk.

You get to choose how you want to position the perches! The tree comes with 8x perches but 16x perch slot positions. You choose if you want the perches spaced closer together, further apart, or favoring one side. Or, you can purchase additional perches and fill all of the slots. You are not locked into any one configuration. If you find that the perches get pooped on a lot in a certain place, just change the location.

Clean up is very simple! The base is an easy to clean material that helps prevent poop from sticking on. You don't have to wheel the whole tree outside to hose it when it gets dirty. Untwist the perches that require cleaning, take them to your sink, and then reattach. This is especially helpful for those who keep their tree on an upper floor.

Medium NU Perch Tree

The tree comes with 4 swivel wheels but using them is optional. Either set the tree base on the floor or attach the included wheels. The wheels feature a brake to keep the tree from sliding around and a leveling feature for uneven floors.

This tree comes with 12x stainless steel toy hooks. This means that not only can you hang a lot of bird toys, you can hang them where they will be accessible!

Two stainless steel food bowls are also included for your convenience. You can put food, water, or even foot toys in those bowls for the bird to play with.

The perches are replaceable. Instead of worrying about your parrot chewing up, pooping on, or damaging the tree, simply replace as needed. See replacement perch options below.

Comparison of Tree Sizes

Here are the dimensions. The base is 24x24 inches. The tree stands 48 inches tall. The top canopy perch is 22 inches across and comparable to a size large diameter NU Perch. The 8 included twist in perches are 6 inches long and comparable to a size medium diameter NU Perch. This provides a great variety of thickness and comfort to your parrot. Also, the replaceable perches are deliberately thinner than the canopy to encourage chewing of replaceable rather than structural perches. The tree ships in a 24x24x6 inch box which means that you can take it apart and even take it on vacation with you.

The Medium NU Perch tree is best sized for small to medium parrots including: Senegal Parrot, Conure, Amazon, African Grey, Eclectus, Galah, Mini-Macaws, and small Cockatoos.

A "Medium Tree Modified for Small Parrots" version is available for smaller parrots such as Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, Ringnecks, and other smaller sizes parrots. This version comes with a thinner canopy and with small twist in NU Perches rather than the typically included medium thickness perches. It also has 4 more perches included than the standard Medium Tree version to make it a bit easier for a smaller parrot to climb around.

Prepare to be amazed at the ingenuity, beauty, comfort, and function of the Parrot Wizard's Deluxe NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree.

*Toys, swings, and parrots not included
· Comfortable NU Perches
· Deluxe easy to clean base
· Wheels with brakes
· Ample toy hooks
· All stainless steel hardware
· Stainless steel food bowls
· Patented NU Perch Design
· 100% safe to chew
· Made in USA

Parrot Climbing Medium NU Perch Tree Top view of Medium NU Perch Tree
NU Perch Tree Wheel Twist in NU Perches
Additional Perches Stainless Steel Food Bowl

Medium NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree

· 1x 24x24" Base
· 1x 42" Trunk
· 1x 22" Canopy
· 8x Medium twist in perches
· 16x Perch slots
· 12x Stainless steel toy hooks
· 4x Wheels
· 2x Stainless steel food bowls



Medium Tree Modified for Small Parrots:

Medium NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree - For Small Birds

· 1x 24x24" Base
· 1x 42" Trunk
· 1x 22" Canopy - for smaller parrots
· 12x Small twist in perches
· 16x Perch slots
· 16x Stainless steel toy hooks
· 4x Wheels
· 2x Stainless steel food bowls



Additional/Replacement Perches:

Replacement Perch for Medium Tree - Medium

· 1x Standard Medium Replacement Tree Perch (6")
· 1x Stainless Steel Toy Hook



4x Pack of Replacement Perches for Medium Tree - Medium

· 4x Standard Medium Replacement Tree Perches (6")
· 4x Stainless Steel Toy Hook



Replacement Perch for Medium Tree - Medium Hardwood

· 1x Hardwood Replacement Tree Perch (6")
· 1x Stainless Steel Toy Hook


Replacement perches sized according to standard NU Perch sizing. The length is the same 6" as the perches that come with the tree except where indicated. The tree comes wit h 8x Medium perches. Small, Medium, and Large additional/replacement perches are available. Also a hardwood version of the medium perch is available. Please refer to the NU Perch page for sizing information. Perches are interchangeable between trees, however, cage perches are similar but not compatible.

Replacement Tree Parts:

Replacement Food Bowl for Medium Tree

· 1x Medium Stainless Steel Food Bowl



Replacement Canopy for Medium Tree

· 1x 22" Canopy (the big horizontal top perch that takes the bowls)
· 4x Perch slots
· 4x Stainless steel toy hooks
· 2x Food Bowl Rings
· 2x Stainless steel food bowls



Replacement Canopy for Medium Tree - Hardwood

· 1x 22" Hardwood Canopy (extra strong wood version)
· 4x Perch slots
· 4x Stainless steel toy hooks
· 2x Food Bowl Rings
· 2x Stainless steel food bowls



Replacement Trunk for Medium Tree

· 1x 42" Trunk
· 12x Perch slots



Replacement Base for Medium Tree

· 1x 22x22" Base
· 4x Wheels


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