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Eclectus Parrot

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Red Fronted Macaw
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Scarlet Macaw
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Hyacinth Macaw

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Large Stainless Steel Parrot Play Stand

Stainless Steel Parrot Stand

The all new Parrot Wizard Large Stainless Steel Parrot Play Stand is the ultimate large parrot out of cage experience.

First off, this stand is huuuge! There just aren't enough options available for the really big parrots like Hyacinth Macaw, Green-Winged Macaw, Moluccan Cockatoo, and a few other really big pet birds. So the Parrot Wizard has you covered.

This stainless steel play gym takes the best parts of the NU Perch Climbing Trees and puts them into an even bigger stand for even bigger parrots. First is the very comfortable patented NU Perch®, the foundation of any Parrot Wizard bird stand. The perch that comes on this stand was beefed up to handle big toes and big beaks! Made entirely from hardwood, this perch is ready to deter chewing while also being very easy to clean. This stand takes advantage of the squiggly shape of the Perfect Perch to give your parrot as much variety, comfort, exercise, and excitement that a perch can offer.

Parrot Wizard - Made in USAJust like the tree stands, this stainless steel stand has wheels for easy movement. It also comes with 2x stainless steel food bowls on opposite sides of the perch. Unlike the tree stands, however, this stainless steel stand comes with a removable stainless steel tray for easier cleaning.

Two stainless steel toy holders provide plenty of toy mounting options to keep your parrot busy. The toy holder is designed to be as flimsy and unstable as possible to deter parrots from sitting on it instead of the perch. However, if your parrot insists on sitting on nothing but the toy holders, they can easily be removed. Instead, you can use the included optional stainless steel eye hooks.

The best part is the all stainless steel construction for durability, easy cleaning, hygiene, and good looks. This stylish stainless steel stand is sure to go well with your tasteful home decor. Stainless steel is preferred for kitchen appliances and medical applications because of its bacteria repelling and easy to clean properties. There is no paint, no coatings, nothing you risk your parrot chewing and ingesting. Stainless steel is the all around best material for use around parrots.

Assembly is quick and easy and all necessary tools are included. Also includes an easy to follow assembly video to make it as quick and simple as possible.

This stand is huge. It will definitely provide your big parrot with a big out of cage experience! The Hardwood Perfect Perch is 52 inches across and thickness varies in diameter from 1-1/2 to 2 inches which is an optimal range for large macaws and cockatoos. The tray is 42 by 28 inches.

Made in USA by Parrot Wizard using US sourced Stainless Steel for top quality and bird safety. Stainless steel casters with rubber wheels for use on any floor.

The Large Stainless Steel Parrot Stand is intended for large macaws and cockatoos but is also suitable for Blue and Gold Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Hybrid Macaws, and even African Grey and Amazons. Bring a magical play-time experience to your parrot with the help of the Parrot Wizard!

*Toys and parrots not included
**Discounts & coupons do not apply
· Rugged stainless steel construction
· Comfortable squiggly hardwood NU Perch
· Removable stainless steel tray
· Stainless steel casters with rubber wheels
· Removable stainless steel toy holders
· Made in USA

Stainless Steel Bird Stand Hyacinth Macaw Play Stand

Large Stainless Steel Parrot Play Stand

· Stainless Steel Stand
· XL Hardwood Perfect Perch
· Stainless Steel Tray
· 4x Stainless Steel Casters with Rubber Wheels
· 2x Stainless Steel Toy Holders
· 4x Stainless Steel Toy Hooks



Replacement Perch for Large Stainless Steel Parrot Play Stand

· XL Hardwood Perfect Perch for SS Stand
· 2x Stainless Steel Food Bowls


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