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Nov 29, 2023 Products in stock and shipping promplty.

Perfect Tree

Perfect Tree made by Parrot Wizard

The Perfect Tree featuring NU Perches brought to you by the Parrot Wizard! This parrot play stand gives you everything you'd want out of a play gym for your parrot. It has a variable, expansive, natural look while also being carefully engineered to be accessible and usable by pet parrots!

It starts with an easy to clean deluxe base on casters with locking brakes. The NU Perch® trunk gives the tree height while also making it nearly impossible for your parrot to climb down. The branches are the Perfect Tree's greatest asset! Spanning outward both horizontally and vertically, these perfect perches give your parrot plenty of room to walk and climb.

The tree comes with 3x perfect perches and a small set perch to create 4 different levels for your bird to explore. 2 stainless steel bowls provide plenty of comfort and 3 stainless steel toy hooks make space for hanging toys. The tree is simple to ship and easy to assemble because it is made of individual components.

What really makes this the perfect tree to get your parrot is not only its rich features but also the elimination of downsides of a natural tree stand. A real tree stand has no obligation to suit a pet parrot properly.

Typically the biggest problem with getting a natural parrot tree stand online is that you don't really know what you are going to get. Since it is natural, each one is unique and different. You never know if the perches will be the right thickness or overlap in a way that the parrot will actually be able to get between them. The Perfect Tree solves this problem because it was designed from the ground up to be an accessible and reproducible play stand. The branches on natural trees can be too slippery, uniform, or overlapping. Not a problem with the Perfect Tree, all branches are Parrot Wizard's patented NU Perches which provide the texture/variability expected from natural perches along with the comfort, consistency, and quality of artificially produced ones.

With the Perfect Tree, access to toys is assured instead of randomly placed toy hooks that the bird may or may not be able to get to. One of the biggest benefits of the Perfect Tree is that none of the branches overlap. This ensures that the parrot will not sit above another perch and make a giant mess below. Because of its design, the branches on the Perfect Tree can actually be moved around the trunk to either increase or decrease the spacing to help ensure that the tree is both scalable as well as mess free!

Individual perches can be removed from the tree for easier cleaning. Furthermore, replacement perches are available in case your parrot chews them up or makes too much mess. Since you can take the tree apart, you don't have to worry about being able to move it in its entirety for cleaning.

Perfect Tree Size

The base is 34x22 inches. Tree stands about 4ft tall. The 3 perfect perches are about 20" long and the extra step perch is 6" long.

Sizing is aimed to suit most parrots. It is a medium sized tree stand mainly for medium parrots such as African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo, and Eclectus. However, it is also suitable for smaller (and less destructive) macaws including Military Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw, and Scarlet Macaw.

This is the Perfect Tree for companion parrots because it is made by parrot owners for parrot owners! Let the Parrot Wizard help you find the enchanting parrot experience that you seek!
· Comfortable NU Perches
· Deluxe easy to clean base
· Wheels with brakes
· Stainless steel toy hooks
· Stainless steel hardware
· Stainless steel food bowls
· Patented NU Perch Design
· 100% safe to chew
· Made in USA

Perfect Tree with Cape Parrot Parrots on Perfect Tree
Perfect Tree Wheel Perfect Tree Stainless Steel Bowl

Perfect Tree

· 1x 34x22" Base
· 1x 35" Trunk
· 3x 20" Perfect Perch Branches
· 1x 6" Step Perch
· 3x Stainless steel toy hooks
· 4x Wheels
· 2x Stainless steel food bowls



Replacement Food Bowl for Perfect Tree

· 1x Medium Stainless Steel Food Bowl


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