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Flying with Parrots by Airline

Published on December 09, 2021

Air travel with parrots is quite challenging and options are very limited. After my first time traveling with a parrot by airline, I can definitely say I do not recommend it!

You are forced to pay top dollar to have the worst possible experience. First of all, there is currently just one airline that will allow a bird in the cabin and that is Delta Airlines. Their requirements are very vague, confusing, and hard to find. Worse yet, some of the requirements vary airplane by airplane or airport by airport.

The bird must fit in a carry on carrier that can fit under the seat in front of you. What is the size of the space under the seat in front of you? That's anyone's guess as it varies from airplane to airplane. It's tricky to get this info and it's subject to change. Point is, err on the side of a carrier that can fit any of their planes. Use a soft carrier rather than a rigid travel carrier because it might help get it to conform to the space available a little.

The accommodations by the airline, airport, and airplane are not very suitable for travel with your companion parrot. If at all possible, leave your bird cared at home or boarding. I would not recommend airline travel for casual trips with your bird. However, it is good to know that it is available and possible for when you are moving and need to take your bird for the long run.

Taking your bird through security is another challenge. They will want to pass the carrier through the Xray machine. You need to be able to remove your bird from the carrier without it accidentally flying away around the busy airport. I recommend bringing a harness and leashing up your bird prior to passing security. Get your harness and train your parrot to wear it long in advance:

Rules and procedures on taking your parrot on an airline flight change quickly. Make sure to check all rules, fees, and procedures right before your trip. Do not rely on information from some time ago to guide your decisions. Last thing you want is to get denied boarding just because your carrier is the wrong size or the airline changed their rules. Best of luck.

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