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Eclectus Parrot

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Hyacinth Macaw

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Sep 27, 2022 Products in stock and shipping promplty.

Trained Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot

Blue and Gold Macaw baby available from Parrot Wizard

Have you been dreaming of a perfect companion parrot? Over the years, people have been asking countless times if they could adopt a trained parrot from us. Your opportunity is here! We decided to have a limited number of babies available every now and then!

Bring this beautiful, friendly, trained Blue and Gold Macaw parrot baby home! Are you up for the excitement and challenge of giving a loving home to this awesome baby raised by Parrot Wizard?

Here is a baby macaw that is super friendly, social, quiet, and an excellent flyer. You get a hand raised baby with great behavior, personality, and skills and without bad habits.

Cute baby Blue and Gold MacawBeautiful and fully flighted Blue and Gold Macaw baby

A Blue and Gold Macaw parrot from the Parrot Wizard comes with a beak to tail health guarantee. Payment and financing options via PayPal. Pay securely by credit card or choose financing options offered by Paypal. 0% financing for 6 months available to qualified buyers.

Cute baby Blue and Gold MacawBeautiful and fully flighted Blue and Gold Macaw baby

Baby Macaw OutsideHaving a baby parrot, like having a human baby is a big commitment, but is also immensely rewarding. Donít miss your chance to get your very special baby!

This Blue and Gold Macaw baby is being raised on a very rich and varied diet. This helps to ensure that this baby is in the best of health and prevents the bird becoming a picky eater in the future. By exposing the baby to many different foods, it learns to enjoy all things edible. This macaw will be able to accept a healthy diet and enjoy your cooking skills.

Foods being eaten by Parrot Wizard Macaw BabyHere is a list of foods that this baby has been eating in my care: Micro-greens, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, red cabbage, sweet pepper, beets, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potato, apple, banana, pear, cantaloupe, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, dragonfruit, melon, flax seeds, barley, rye berries, spelt, kamut, buckwheat, millet, pumpkin seeds, variety of tree nuts, edible flowers. They are also eating every good brand of manufactured pellets including: Hagen Tropican, Zupreem Natural, Zupreem FruitBlend, Roudybush, and organic brands Harrisonís and TOPs.

Fresh food for Blue and Gold Macaw BabyFresh foods fed to the Blue and Gold Macaw baby

Baby Blue and Gold Macaw Eating in EnclosureBaby Blue and Gold Macaw eating in enclosure

Baby Blue and Gold Macaw on Harness Leash OutsideBaby Blue and Gold Macaw outside on harness leash

To provide the highest level of socialization and to ensure their safety outdoors, all of my babies are harness trained. A harness ensures that they can't fly off far outdoors unexpectedly. Getting them outdoors on a harness is great for their health as they can breath fresh air and absorb direct natural sunlight. Going out also helps socialize the babies with a wide range of people, places, and objects. It helps them learn the bigger world, be less fearful, and be more accepting of a wide variety of situations. They are more likely to be friendly with you, your family, and your guests because they are socialized outdoors to many people already.

*Birdie Shower Package $1000+ value includes 1 year Parrot Academy Apprentice Subscription, signed copy of the Parrot Wizard's Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots, Parrot Training Perch Kit, NU Perch Scale, Nail Trimmer Stone, perches, toys, Hatch Certificate, Gender Reveal Package, framed baby pictures, and more.

See all videos with my baby parrots here.

Photos and videos of previous babies. Make a deposit to receive one of the upcoming babies.

If you are interested in a Blue and Gold Macaw baby raised and trained by Parrot Wizard, feel free to submit your name to my waiting list to receive more information and possibly reserve one in the future.

Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot Baby

∑ 1x Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot Baby
∑ 1x Personal Delivery
∑ 1x Birdie Shower Kit
∑ 1x Beak to tail health guarantee
∑ 1 year Parrot Academy Apprentice Subscription
∑ 1 month supply of food and starter kit

*USA only

Avoid getting scammed! Don't purchase parrots online unless you can clearly verify the source. Click here for more information on avoiding parrot scams. Parrot Wizard birds for sale are only available for purchase via If you are skeptical or afraid of being scammed, request more information and you will be provided proof and buyer protection for your purchase from me. Do not attempt to purchase any bird claiming to be from Parrot Wizard except directly from our SSL verified website

Images are watermarked to make it more difficult for scammers to pretend to be selling my birds and to help buyers seeing these images elsewhere know that the only legitimate source for these birds is All images Copyright © 2021-2022 Parrot Wizard Inc.

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