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Budgerigar (Budgie)
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Rose Ringed Parakeet (African Ringneck, Indian Ringneck)
Monk Parakeet (Quaker Parrot)

Mexican Parrotlet
Green Rumped Parrotlet
Blue Winged Parrotlet
Spectacled Parrotlet
Dusky Billed Parrotlet
Pacific Parrotlet
Yellow Faced Parrotlet

Rosy Faced (Peach Faced) Lovebird
Yellow Collared (Masked)Lovebird
Fischer's Lovebird
Lilian's (Nyasa) Lovebird
Black Cheeked Lovebird
Grey Headed (Madagascar) Lovebird
Black Winged (Abyssinian) Lovebird
Red Headed (Red Faced) Lovebird
Black Collared (Swindern's) Lovebird

Lories and Lorikeets:
Rainbow Lorikeet

Sun Conure
Jenday Conure
Cherry Headed Conure
Blue Crowned Conure
Mitred Conure
Patagonian Conure (Burrowing Parrot)
Green Cheeked Conure
Nanday Conure
Gold Capped Conure

Black Capped Parrot (Black Headed Caique)
White Bellied Parrot (White Bellied Caique)

Poicephalus Parrots:
Senegal Parrot
Meyer's Parrot
Red Bellied Parrot
Brown Headed Parrot
Jardine's Parrot
Cape Parrot
Ruppell's Parrot

Hawk Headed Parrot:
Red Fan (Hawk Headed) Parrot

Eclectus Parrot

African Greys:
Congo African Grey (CAG)
Timneh African Grey (TAG)

Cuban Amazon (Rose Throated Parrot)
Blue Fronted Amazon
Yellow Naped Amazon
Yellow Headed Amazon
Orange Winged Amazon
Yellow Crowned Amazon
White Fronted Amazon
Lilac Crowned Amazon
Red Lored Amazon
Mealy Amazon

Galah (Rose Breasted) Cockatoo
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
White (Umbrella) Cockatoo
Salmon Crested (Moluccan) Cockatoo
Little Corella (Bare Eyed Cockatoo)
Tanimbar Corella (Goffin's Cockatoo)
Palm Cockatoo

Red Shouldered (Hahn's) Macaw
Chestnut Fronted (Severe) Macaw
Blue And Yellow (Blue And Gold) Macaw
Blue Throated Macaw
Military Macaw
Red Fronted Macaw
Great Green (Buffon's) Macaw
Scarlet Macaw
Red And Green (Green Winged) Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw

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Jun 20, 2024 Products in stock and shipping promplty. Subscribe to All Parrots

Aviator Harness

Aviator Harness

The Aviator Harness is the best way to get your flighted or clipped parrot outdoors to enjoy some natural sunshine. This is the easiest to put on, most durable, and most comfortable parrot harness I have ever come across and use it exclusively for Kili & Truman.

Parrots require a minimum of 15 minutes of direct natural sunlight every week. The socialization benefits of taking a parrot outdoors to meet new people and visit new places is phenomenal. Take your parrot out in your yard, to the park, and to social events.

On Sale! Lowest Price Aviator Harness you will find.

Teaching a parrot to wear a harness is not impossible. With a little training you can teach your parrot to volunteer to don the harness and wear it for long spans at a time. Here are some prominent articles and videos in which my parrots are wearing their Aviator Harnesses!

Harness training DVD to see how my rescue macaw learned to wear it in a week!
Teaching parrot to wear Aviator Harness in 3 days
Parrots at Carnival
Parrots travel around NYC wearing harnesses
Putting Aviator Harness on Cape Parrot

Buying an Aviator? Get 50% off on my Harness Training DVD purchased together. Or get my Harness Training DVD for FREE when you buy an Aviator and a copy of my book, The Parrot Wizard's Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots. Simply add the aviator and book to your cart and the Harness Training DVD will be added to your cart automatically free of charge.

Color options (available in most sizes):
Aviator Harness color options

All Sizes and Colors in Stock and Ready to Ship!

Use the Aviator Harness selection wizard by clicking on the size of parrot above. You will get to select a color in the next step.

Check out the Go Pink Kit for all sizes of Pink Aviator Harness including Petite, XS, & Mini.
· Flight harness
· Robust design
· Easy to put on
· Variety of sizes and colors

Harnessed Parrots Donning Aviator Harness
Parrots Park Harness NYC Harness Parrots
Macaw Aviator Harness Three Harnessed Parrots

Aviator Harness

· 1x Aviator Harness
· Free Shipping


Quantity:   Size & Color:
*Parrot types listed in the harness size selection are for quick approximation. The sizing chart above is more precise.

For all sizes of Pink Aviator Harness including XS and Petite:

Go Pink Aviator Harness Kit

· Pink Aviator Harness
· Harness Training DVD
· Pink Bracelet
· Pink Pencil
· Pink Bag
· Pink Claw Trimmer


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