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Parrot Supplies For:
Budgerigar (Budgie)
Alexandrine Parakeet
Rose Ringed Parakeet (African Ringneck, Indian Ringneck)
Monk Parakeet (Quaker Parrot)

Mexican Parrotlet
Green Rumped Parrotlet
Blue Winged Parrotlet
Spectacled Parrotlet
Dusky Billed Parrotlet
Pacific Parrotlet
Yellow Faced Parrotlet

Rosy Faced (Peach Faced) Lovebird
Yellow Collared (Masked)Lovebird
Fischer's Lovebird
Lilian's (Nyasa) Lovebird
Black Cheeked Lovebird
Grey Headed (Madagascar) Lovebird
Black Winged (Abyssinian) Lovebird
Red Headed (Red Faced) Lovebird
Black Collared (Swindern's) Lovebird

Lories and Lorikeets:
Rainbow Lorikeet

Sun Conure
Jenday Conure
Cherry Headed Conure
Blue Crowned Conure
Mitred Conure
Patagonian Conure (Burrowing Parrot)
Green Cheeked Conure
Nanday Conure
Gold Capped Conure

Black Capped Parrot (Black Headed Caique)
White Bellied Parrot (White Bellied Caique)

Poicephalus Parrots:
Senegal Parrot
Meyer's Parrot
Red Bellied Parrot
Brown Headed Parrot
Jardine's Parrot
Cape Parrot
Ruppell's Parrot

Hawk Headed Parrot:
Red Fan (Hawk Headed) Parrot

Eclectus Parrot

African Greys:
Congo African Grey (CAG)
Timneh African Grey (TAG)

Cuban Amazon (Rose Throated Parrot)
Blue Fronted Amazon
Yellow Naped Amazon
Yellow Headed Amazon
Orange Winged Amazon
Yellow Crowned Amazon
White Fronted Amazon
Lilac Crowned Amazon
Red Lored Amazon
Mealy Amazon

Galah (Rose Breasted) Cockatoo
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
White (Umbrella) Cockatoo
Salmon Crested (Moluccan) Cockatoo
Little Corella (Bare Eyed Cockatoo)
Tanimbar Corella (Goffin's Cockatoo)
Palm Cockatoo

Red Shouldered (Hahn's) Macaw
Chestnut Fronted (Severe) Macaw
Blue And Yellow (Blue And Gold) Macaw
Blue Throated Macaw
Military Macaw
Red Fronted Macaw
Great Green (Buffon's) Macaw
Scarlet Macaw
Red And Green (Green Winged) Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw

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About Parrot Wizard

Parrot Wizard is more than just a person or a store. It is the quintessence of successful keeping of parrots as pets. Let me explain to you how the Parrot Wizard is embodied in the man, the brand, and the concept.

The Man:

Michael Sazhin is known as the Parrot Wizard for helping parrot owners all over the world discover a relationship they always wanted with their pet birds. He has appeared on numerous TV shows but is best known for his YouTube channel. He developed an approach that helps people gain parrot's trust and create genuine companionship in a straightforward way. It is an approach that works with all parrots, big and small, which keeps the feathered companions happy and healthy. It does not rely solely on training, but instead focuses on guiding a lifestyle that instills bird behavior improvement. His book, The Parrot Wizard's Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots, teaches this entire approach, written for parrot owner by parrot owner.

The Brand:

The Parrot Wizard brand of products is based on functionality, ergonomics, and excellence. Each product is hand picked or designed by Michael Sazhin for use with his own parrots. This is what sets the Wizard brand apart most from others. The products are not created for a market or pulled out of thin air. They are designed directly for the parrots to use. Not only that, the Wizard's flock are the harshest testers and critics. Unless the birds approve, you won't be seeing those products or methods in the Parrot Wizard store. The Wizard's offerings are meant to work together and provide not only a better quality of life for the parrot but to improve the relationship between human and parrot.

The Concept:

You don't have to possess magical powers to have well established friendly parrots as pets. All the wizardry is in the method. It comes with patience and tools that help build a mutual relationship with the bird. The foundation is trust and understanding. But really, it is the interconnectivity of all aspects of parrot keeping that ultimately lead to that magical pet experience. The food your parrot eats, the perches it sits on, the training that you do all play their parts. The Parrot Wizard provides an approach based on simple, logical, proven, calculated methods that yield truly magical results.

The Parrot Wizard offers conceptual products that enhance captive birds' lives and humans' relationship with them. They say it takes a village to raise a child; it takes a complete set of knowledge, methods, tools, and products to raise a parrot. The end result is a happy healthy parrot with a wonderful loving relationship with humans. What begins as a pet bird ends up as a member of the family.

For your bird's safety, all Parrot Wizard products are made, stored, and sold from a bird free facility.

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