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Truman Cape Parrot's Condition Detailed Health Update

Published on April 18, 2019

Truman my Cape Parrot came up with a mysterious condition a couple of weeks ago where he appeared to have paralyzed wings. After several vet visits, blood work, xray, and CT scan we have come to a better understanding of what is going on.

However, at first it was really unclear and frightening. It could have been caused by bacterial infection, fungal, neurological, stroke, spinal issue, or injury! Worse yet, conflicting and suspicious information from some of the blood tests only added to the confusion. However, with further testing, and a CT scan we narrowed things down to injury or an infection like aspergillosis or mycobacteria. The CT scan showed lesions on Truman's right corocoid that was indicative of either an injury or one of those diseases.

However, after several CBC tests, EPH, and aspergillosis test and his condition, infection was largely ruled out and it was concluded that it was in fact caused by an injury. It almost certainly happened in his cage and we suspect he could have fallen off the dome top of his cage while upside down to cause so much harm. The avian veterinarian said that Truman requires 4-6 weeks of strict cage rest without any flapping so that the injury could heal.

This is easier said than done with a crazy monkeyhead like Truman. He is a high energy bird and wants things to do. To keep him safe we gave him just a single natural wood toy. He managed to find a way to break off a sharp piece and puncture his tongue. We are afraid that he may have even swallowed that piece and had to have the vet examine him for that in addition to the wings. Now he can't even have normal toys or a normal cage. However, with infection being ruled out we did finally return him back to the bird room for a more familiar environment. More details in the video and updates to come.

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