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Why Pay More for a Parrot? High prices? Good deals?

Published on July 15, 2022

Why pay more for a parrot? Great question I hear all the time, what's the point of paying more for the same thing? Alexis from Parrot Stars and I provide some answers to why different places my charge different prices for "the same bird" species.

Simply put, you get what you pay for. Most of the time. Cheap places cut corners. They feed unhealthy food, provide a less clean environment, spend less time on each bird. This is likely to lead to a lower quality bird. What's a low quality bird? Poorer health, poorer feathering, less comfortable with people, less prepared for life in your home.

Some of these mistakes can be corrected with time and some can lead to long term issues. Especially if you buy from a place that doesn't disease test their birds. You might save a few hundred or thousand dollars but if the bird dies from illness, it may have been better to buy the more expensive but healthy and confirmed tested parrot instead.

Some reasons paying more for the same species of bird may be valuable to you:
-Healthier parents
-Healthier baby
-Better feeding
-Healthier diet and less picky eater
-More socialized
-More handling
-Cleaner environment (less cause for illness)
-Disease testing
-Toys and set up

Inevitably it is more expensive to raise baby parrots in better conditions and to spend more time with them. So, keep in mind that generally speaking you get what you pay for. But, also watch out for bad deals and scams.

Most of the time when parrots are offered really cheap, below normal market price, it is a scam entirely:

How much should you expect buy a Congo African Grey Parrot for these days? What's the price of an African Grey Parrot? Alexis says that they typically range from $5,000-$8,000 and the current price from Parrot Stars is $7,500. Below $5,000 is usually not a baby or a scam entirely.

Improve your parrot know-how so that you can take better care of your current or future parrots. Browse my complete collection of Parrot Wizard Videos:

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Truman is asking for scratches, must oblige!

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