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Miracle story! How a lost Cockatoo was reunited with his family after 2 years!

Published on March 19, 2019

Found Cockatoo Story pt3 - Echo Reunited With His Owner

In this third and final episode of the found cockatoo story, the Rose Breasted Cockatoo that Ginger recovered from Queen Creek, Arizona is finally reunited with its rightful owner! Watch the whole story about how the owner was found, how it was determined that this bird in fact belongs to this person, and how "Echo" was returned home!

This male Rose Breasted Cockatoo was found on a cold rainy day in Arizona. The bird was terribly dehydrated and emaciated. Ginger bought a travel carrier and rushed the bird to the veterinarian. This Galah was in such bad shape that it had to be kept at the vet clinic for a week to be given fluids, food, and monitored. Soon, the parrot got better but the owner was not found. Many people called Ginger and said they had lost a Galah Cockatoo in the vicinity but for various reasons, many of them were either ruled out on the phone or in person. The bird did not recognize or show any reaction to the people that came to claim him.

The mother and her son came to see if this Galah was theirs. They were extremely optimistic. Their Cockatoo, Echo, flew out of an open window 2 years prior. Ginger was a bit skeptical that a parrot lost so long ago was found but she gave them an open minded chance. The moment they walked in through the door, the Cockatoo's crest went partially up and its eyes perked up. It had never shown so much interest to anybody before.

The boy talked to the bird in the cage and it remained alert. It even walked up toward the bars. However, it would not step on his hand or take treats. The mother played music on her phone and talked to the Cockatoo and finally it came over and gave her kisses! Eventually it came out of the cage for the first time by itself and stepped up! It even went into the carrier they brought and was comfortable with the familiar cage! It was the bird that recognized and proved who the owner was! And so after 2 years of being lost, Echo was reunited with his family! Miracles do happen!

Ginger's Parrot Rescue is a 501c3 non profit in Casa Grande, Arizona and specializes in Senegal Parrots and Cockatiels. Occasionally, the rescue will take in found birds and help reunite them with their rightful owners or adopt them out if the owner cannot be found. You can adopt, volunteer, or donate to Ginger's Parrot Rescue:

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