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Why These Baby Parrots Are Like No Other!

Published on September 09, 2021

What makes these babies from Parrot Wizard so unique? The special taming and training they are receiving is just the tip of the iceberg!

These babies come with the complete baby experience to make it as special and memorable as ever. This includes personal delivery and a Birdie Baby Shower. The Baby Shower includes cute memorabilia, framed baby photos, hatch certificate, and a Gender Reveal Package! Also, it includes over $1000 worth of supplies to help you get started with your new bird. In fact, it includes pretty much everything you need except for the cage.

A copy of my book, Parrot Academy subscription, and lots of information and support comes with these babies to ensure the utmost of care.

Nationwide personal delivery is included with each baby so that they can arrive safely to your home. This is a huge benefit if you do not have bird stores or breeders in your vicinity. Not only is it a delivery, it is also a personal introduction. I want to personally introduce your baby to you to ensure a smooth transition. I want to help the baby recognize its new home and family and I want to help you learn to handle the baby effectively from day 1.

You'll get to watch these babies learn and grow through public photos and videos as well as private ones. Of course extensive taming and training is included so that they can come with skills and good behavior.

These babies are being fed and weaned onto a super rich diet. They are learning to eat a variety of pellets, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Better still, they are never fed sunflower seeds, corn, peanuts, or other foods that aren't good for parrots. These babies are in excellent health. You can see just by looking at their vibrant colors and excellent feather condition. They come disease tested for common parrot illnesses and all are negative. Furthermore, they come with a 1 year Beak to Tail health guarantee.

All 3 babies are fully feathered, fully flighted, and flight trained! Their wings are not clipped and they fly with skill. This is a rare thing to find as most stores and breeders clip birds whether you want them to or not. There's no reason to clip these babies because they are well socialized and love people. They'll fly to you rather than away from you.

I am raising these birds in a quiet environment which is a big plus. Birds raised in a store or noisy environment are more likely to sound off throughout the day for fun. These guys are more familiar with quiet and human chatter. Since I am raising just 3 birds, these babies are able to get much more personal attention and socialization.

I spared no expense on the quality of care for these babies. They are being raised in the highest quality enclosures with top notch perches and toys. They are being fed a very rich diet including organic pellet brands and fresh foods. There are plenty of normally priced normal options for parrots out there. I set out to raise the bar for what a baby parrot experience can be like.

If you are ready to bring a Parrot Wizard raised baby parrot into your loving family or would like more information:

Leave a comment below about which special feature I am including with these birds sounds most appealing to you for a chance to win a free signed copy of my book The Parrot Wizard's Guide to Well-Behaved Parrots. Don't forget to submit your address at this link so that if you win I know where to send your prize!

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If I were a parrot, I would probably talk, preen, and sleep all day!
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