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Baby African Greys Visit Home Depot

Published on October 07, 2021

To raise the most social and friendly African Grey babies, I put a lot of emphasis on socialization. Whenever I gotta run an errand such as picking up something from Home Depot, I grab one of the Greys along.

This is an opportunity for the bird to practice riding in the car in a carrier (and not for the purpose of going to the scary vet!), wearing a harness, walking around, meeting people, and seeing new things!

Never take a parrot outside without a harness! And never take a parrot to a bustling place like this without the proper training and socialization prior. An experience like this can be extremely overwhelming for a parrot that isn't prepared for it.

I am preparing the babies for eventually moving to their future families by giving them novel experiences on a regular basis. Of course those people, the home, the cage, everything will be different and I have no way to specifically expose the bird to what it will be living with in the future. So, instead, I expose them to a lot of random new things and teach them to cope with changes. I teach them to convert their fear of new situations into a bonding experience and feeling of safety with people.

In this video, I alternate two separate outings to home depot with each of the two baby Greys. I wanted to make sure they both had the chance to be raised with the same socialization experiences. However, I cannot take both at the tame time. I need to put a lot of focus and attention on a single bird in an unfamiliar environment.

See how the babies were exposed to all sorts of colors and objects including pumpkins, flowers, tools, and spooky Halloween decorations! That's right, Halloween stuff! If these parrots can get used to seeing a spooky talking skeleton, I think meeting their future loving family will be super easy!

Learn how to train your parrot, shop for behavior enhancing supplies, pick up a bird harness, watch all my videos, and so much more from:

If you would like to experience a parrot like never before, to have a truly mutual and hands on friendship, check out my trained Congo African Grey Parrot babies.

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